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Anderson, Melissa

Assistant Professor

Research Fields Active vent sites and volcanoes on the ocean floor

Office Phone: 416-978-5424

Ashwell, Paul

Assistant Professor (UTM)

Bank, Charly

Associate Professor

Office Phone: 416-978-4381
photo of bridget bergquist

Bergquist, Bridget

Associate Professor

Research Fields Metal geochemistry

Office Phone: 416-978-4851

Bollmann, Jörg

Associate Professor

Research Fields Paleoceanography, geobiology, paleoecology

Office Phone: 416-978-2061

Chu, Xu

Assistant Professor

Research Fields Metamorphic and experimental petrology

Office Phone: 416-978-2975

Cowling, Sharon


Research Fields Global carbon cycle

Office Phone: 416-978-5612
photo of don davis

Davis, Don

Associate Professor

Research Fields Geochronology

Office Phone: 416-946-0365
Lab Phone: 416-978-3232

Desloges, Joseph R.


Research Fields fluvial geomorphology, glaciolacustrine sedimentation, paleohydrology

Office Phone: 416-978-3709
photo of miriam diamond

Diamond, Miriam


Office Phone: 416-978-1586
Lab Phone: 416-978-1749

Dittrich, Maria

Professor (UTSC)

Research Fields Biogeochemistry and Geomicrobiology

Office Phone: 416-208-2786

Eyles, Nick

Professor (UTSC)

Research Fields Glacial geology

Office Phone: 416-287-7231

Ferris, Grant


Research Fields Microbial geochemistry

Office Phone: 416-978-0526
Lab Phone: 416-978-0826
photo of sarah finklestein

Finkelstein, Sarah

Associate Professor

Research Fields Paleoecology, paleoclimatology

Office Phone: 416-978-5613
Lab Phone: 416-946-0547

Gorton, Mike

Research Fields Igneous geochemistry

Office Phone: 416-978-3280

Gregory, Dan

Assistant Professor

Research Fields Hydrothermal ore systems

Office Phone: 416-978-3280

Halfar, Jochen

Professor (UTM)

Research Fields Paleoclimatology, geobiology

Office Phone: 905-828-5419

Hamilton, Mike

Associate Professor

Office Phone: 416-946-7424
Lab Phone: 416-978-3232 / 416-946-0384
photo of grant henderson

Henderson, Grant


Research Fields Amorphous materials, high T and P geochemistry

Office Phone: 416-978-6041

Howard, Ken

Professor (UTSC)

Research Fields Hydrogeology, water resources

Office Phone: 416-287-7233
Lab Phone: 416-287-7237

Kamo, Sandra

Assistant Professor

Office Phone: 416 946 0364
Lab Phone: 416-978-3232

Laflamme, Marc

Assistant Professor (UTM)

Research Fields Paleontology, sedimentology, taphonomy, fossil, ediacara

Office Phone: 905 828 5228
Lab Phone: 905 828 5425

Liu, Qinya

Associate Professor

Research Fields Seismology, Geophysics

Office Phone: 416-978-5434

Lui, Semechah

Assistant Professor (UTM)

Research Fields Seismology and Earthquake Physics

Office Phone: 905 828 3970
Lab Phone: 905 828 5425

Pysklywec, Russell

Chair of Earth Sciences

Research Fields Geodynamics and tectonics

Office Phone: 416 978 4852
Lab Phone: 416 978 3938

Schoenbohm, Lindsay

Professor (UTM)

Research Fields Neotectonics and landscape evolution

Office Phone: 905-569-4400

Sherwood Lollar, Barbara

University Professor

Research Fields Stable isotope geochemistry

Office Phone: 416-978-0770
Lab Phone: 416-978-0825

Wortmann, Ulrich G.


Research Fields Marine Geology, paleoceanography,carbon and sulfur cycling, geomicrobiology

Office Phone: 416 978 7084