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Miriam Diamond’s research on PFAS in compostable fast food containers is highlighted in the news.


Miriam Diamond holds a paper food container while talking to Pauline Chan who is recording with a TV camera as they stand in front of a laboratory bench scattered with various packages.

Miriam Diamond talks to CTV News reporter Pauline Chan about the recent research on PFAS “forever chemicals” in fast food containers marketed as “green”.

Professor Miriam Diamond’s research on PFAS in Canadian fast food packaging was featured in an article in the Toronto Star High levels of ‘forever chemicals” found in so-called “green” food packaging used across Canada. The research, published Tuesday morning in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters the story is gathering interest from several media outlets.

Arts & Science News posted a story: ‘The bottom line is, there’s too much PFAS in the world’: Tackling the persistent problem of ‘forever chemicals’