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Microprobe Lab reopens with new equipment

Our Electron Probe X-Ray Microanalyzer (EMPA) is entering a trial period for the month of October. During this time, we’ll be opening mostly to people with regular samples first, such as 1 inch polished mounts and polished thin sections.

The new system has greatly improved the imaging related functions, and effectively reduced the total counting time for each individual analysis by half. Due to the new H type spectrometers, precisions and detection limits are also significantly improved.

To book a time on this new equipment, please email Yanan Liu directly at liu@es.utoronto.ca with the phase to be analyzed and elements of interest. Since we are still on the slope of our learning curve about the new system, please allow extra patience and time for us to experiment together with you in order to achieve a satisfying result.

Thank you for your patience during the long installation process.