Magmatic and Ore-Forming Processes Research Laboratory


zoltanZoltan Zajacz – Assistant Professor

Zoltan’s research focuses on the mass transfer of elements in high-pressure-temperature fluids in the Earth’s lithosphere. In addition to supervising the below-listed projects, his own research includes quantitative modeling of the degassing of volatile elements and ore metals from magmas at depth as well as the development of new experimental and analytical methodologies.


Phone: +1 416 946 0278







Sasha3Alexandra Tsay – Postdoctoral Researcher – SNSF Early Mobility Fellow

Alexandra is a guest postdoctoral researcher financially supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Her project aims at experimentally investigating the chemistry of fluids released during the dehydration of subducted oceanic lithosphere and related effects on arc magmatism.






Alice_picAlice Alex – Ph.D. student

The primary focus of Alice’s PhD research is to study the speciation of sulfur in silicate melts and magmatic volatiles in situ at high P-T conditions, and correlate it with the geochemical behavior of Cu, Au, Ag and platinum group elements during magma degassing.








Carter Grondahl – Ph.D. student

Carter studies magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposit genesis using silicate melt and fluid inclusions from field samples, aiming to refine our broad understanding of the linked behavior of volatile elements and economically important metals. Samples are analyzed by a variety of complementary techniques, including LA-ICP-MS, EPMA, and FTIR.



Neal_picNeal Sullivan – Ph.D. student

Neal studies sulfide-fluid partitioning of highly siderophile elements (HSE; PGE, Au, Re) at upper mantle conditions to gain insights into the role of dense aqueous fluids in the slab-to-mantle transfer of HSE at convergent margins. His primary supervisor is Prof. James Brenan.







Jialin Wang – visiting Ph.D. student

Jialin is a visiting Ph.D. student from the China University of Geosciences, Beijing financially supported by the China Scholarship Council. She studies silicate melt inclusions in porphyry ore-related magmas from China. In addition, she is trying to establish quantitative methodologies to analyze the concentration molecular gas species (e.g. CO2, CH4) in fluid inclusions by micro – Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy.



Robin Wolf – M.Sc. student

Robin’s project aims at putting tighter constraints on the role of magmatic sulfides in magmatic-hydrothermal ore genesis by conducting high P-T experimental work in Molybdenum-Hafnium Carbide pressure vessels.



Yiwei Yin – Undergraduate thesis – M.Sc. student

Yiwei conducts high P-T experiments to study the effect of fluid composition, pressure and temperature on the solubility of Au, Cu and Ag and platinum group elements in magmatic volatiles.