Magmatic and Ore-Forming Processes Research Laboratory


zoltanZoltan Zajacz – Assistant Professor

Zoltan’s research focuses on the mass transfer of elements in high-pressure-temperature fluids in the Earth’s lithosphere. In addition to supervising the below-listed projects, his own research includes quantitative modeling of the degassing of volatile elements and ore metals from magmas at depth as well as the development of new experimental and analytical methodologies.


Phone: +1 416 946 0278







Sasha3Alexandra Tsay – Postdoctoral Researcher

Alexandra is managing the LA-ICP-MS and experimental petrology laboratories. Her current research focuses on the solubility of anhydrite in magmatic fluids and the development of improved methodologies for the analysis of S, Cl, Br and I concentrations in silicate glasses, melt and fluid inclusions by LA-ICP-MS.






Alice_picAlice Alex – Ph.D. student

The primary focus of Alice’s PhD research is to develop new experimental apparatus and methodologies that allow the accurate and precise control of oxygen fugacity in high-pressure experiments. Subsequently, she will implement these to study the effect of oxygen fugacity on the solubility of Cu, Au and Ag in sulfur-bearing magmatic fluids.






Carter Grondahl – Ph.D. student

Carter studies magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposit genesis using silicate melt and fluid inclusions from field samples, aiming to refine our broad understanding of the linked behavior of volatile elements and economically important metals. Samples are analyzed by a variety of complementary techniques, including LA-ICP-MS, EPMA, and FTIR.



Neal_picNeal Sullivan – Ph.D. student

Neal studies the solubility of platinum group elements (PGE) in magmatic fluids. His goals are to better understand the hydrothermal remobilization of PGE around magmatic sulfide ore deposits and to facilitate the use of PGE to learn about critical processes affecting porphyry ore genesis.







Jason Hinde – undergraduate thesis student

Jason is using the synthetic fluid inclusion technique to study the solubility of palladium in magmatic fluids.


Visiting scientists and students:


Shanling Fu – visiting postdoctoral researcher

Shanling is experimentally investigating the partitioning of antimony between silicate melts and magmatic fluids.


Hongqiang Wang – visiting Ph.D. student

Hongqiang is using silicate melt and sulfide inclusions in igneous rocks to find links between magmatism and the genesis orogenic gold deposits in China.


Panlao Zhao – visiting Ph.D. student

Panlao is experimentally investigating the partitioning of tin between silicate melts and magmatic fluids.