Magmatic and Ore-Forming Processes Research Laboratory

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Molybdenum Hafnium-Carbide pressure vessel assemblies



The pressure vessel assembly is suspended together with the furnace on a rotating axis. Experiments can be run in 10 degrees tilted (as shown) or vertical position. The vessel can be removed from the furnace while being shielded by 2 mm thick stainless steel. The pressure is monitored by factory-calibrated digital pressure transducers on each assembly and an analogue strain gauge on the main line.


Currently, two pressure vessel assemblies are operational and the third one is under construction.

Some of the highlights are:


Other experimental petrology equipment

In addition, we have access to Inconel 917 and Rene41 cold-seal pressure vessels, two piston cylinder apparatuses, high temperature box furnaces and two gas mixing furnaces in Prof. James Brenan’s experimental laboratory and an induction furnace in Prof. Grant Henderson’s laboratory.