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In Memorium: Emeritus Professor John C. Rucklidge 1938 – 2021


Emeritus Professor John Rucklidge passed away late last week in England. Prior to retiring to the Lake District John had a long and illustrious career at the University of Toronto  teaching mineralogy and crystallography to many of our graduate and undergraduate students.  Early in his career, he along with John Gittins and Jeff Fawcett spent several field seasons exploring the geology of Greenland. He often would regale guests at dinner with some of their more funny/exciting adventures. John also developed an interest in trace element analysis and pioneered the early development of electron microprobe analysis of rocks and minerals, as well accelerator mass spectrometry. The latter in conjunction with the Isotrace facility maintained for many years in the basement of the physics building. John’s interests were very eclectic both within the department and outside academia from singing in assorted choirs to playing a pretty good game of tennis. He will be missed.

Grant S. Henderson