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ESS3608H All-Course Research Report

This is a term-length course to provide exposure to research for students in the department’s all course M.Sc. program. Students are required to contact a potential research supervisor prior to the start of term to decide upon a research project. The project must involve critical analysis and interpretation of information, be it experimental, analytical or field observations, as acquired by the student, or gleaned from the literature. The final product for the course will be a 20 page (1.5 spaced, 12 point font, including figures and tables) report describing the work accomplished, and a 20 minute oral presentation. The student will receive 80% of their mark from the research supervisor based on the report, and 20% from the faculty members attending the presentation. Prior to commencing, the student must submit a project plan, developed in consultation with the research supervisor, for approval by the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies.