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Jim Hasse Memorial Award


We are so pleased to announce a new scholarship created in memory of Jim Haase.

Jim Haase was a man of many interests, the most enduring of which was the formation of the earth. He studied for the sheer sake of satisfying his inquisitiveness and was fascinated by the wonders within the earth’s crust.

He supported a number of the mineral clubs in Ontario but made a special contribution by volunteering as President of the Walker Mineralogical Club, which has had longstanding ties with the University of Toronto.

The Jim Haase Memorial Award was made possible by the generous support of the Family and Friends of Mr. Jim Haase and the Department of Earth Sciences. As a Boundless Promise Program award, the University of Toronto will match 1:1 in perpetuity, the annual payout of the endowed funds of The Jim Haase Memorial Award. It will be awarded to a full-time, undergraduate student on the basis of financial need, with preference given to students majoring in Earth and Environmental Systems.

Jim is remembered by his family and the many friends he made by sharing his love of geology. A special thank you to Eva Haase, Jim’s wife, and the Walker Club Council for their efforts to honour Jim through this award, and providing support to deserving students who share his interests. The Department of Earth Sciences is proud to be able to share in Jim’s legacy.