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The GEMINAE (Geochemistry of Elements and Metal Isotopes in Nature and Experiments) Lab conducts high-precision trace element and isotope measurements of Earth and planetary samples. This facility will support four research programs in the Earth Sciences: (1) igneous petrology, (2) metamorphic petrology, (3) low temperature geochemistry and (4) economic geology. Together, these research programs will contribute to fundamental knowledge of planetary formation and evolution through studies of the rock record. 

The GEMINAE instrument lab houses two mass spectrometry systems (Agilent 7900 ICPMS and Thermo Scientific Neoma MC-ICPMS), two laser ablation systems (NWRfemto and NWR193), an ESI SC-micro DX autosampler, and an ESI Apex 2IR desolvating nebulizer. The associated trace-metal cleanroom is currently being built; it will house one laminar flow fume hood, two laminar flow hoods, a milli-Q water purification system, an Analab acid purification system, and two Analab hotplates.

The GEMINAE Lab is co-directed by Professors Corliss Kin I Sio, Xu Chu, and Dan Gregory in the Department of Earth Sciences.