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ES students in the field right now!

It is an exciting week for many Earth Sciences undergraduate students!  What better way to spend reading week than being in the field to experience geology first hand.  

Smile if you're on your way to study geology in the Caribbean!

Smile if you’re on your way to study geology in the Caribbean!

photo of SW US field area

Capstone students are somewhere down there!

ESS 241 / ESS 461 are in the Caribbean exploring the active subduction zone with Professor Ed Spooner. Check out their blog at: https://medium.com/@uoftcaribbean2015

ESS 490 Geological Capstone Field trip is taking place in the Southwest USA this year with Professor Uli Wortmann.  This group with be out of internet connection range much of the time and are sharing their experiences during a poster session on March 19th.