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Departmental Seminar – Special Event

March 19, 2015 at 12pm

From Snowball Earth to Metamorphic Core Complexes, North American Geology through the lens of ESS490 – A Poster Party

Refreshments will be served. Location: 2nd floor in front Rm.2119, the student lounge and adjacent hallways.

Come out to view the posters of the Capstone fieldtrip, provide feedback and vote for the best.


Program Posters:

1-Physiogeography of North America

2-Supercontinents and Their Cycles

3-Global climate throughout earth history

4-Snowball earth and the breakup of Rodinia

5-Evolution of the Rocky Mountains, and orogenic phases in the SW

6-Evolution of the Western NA margin Rodinia to the Interior Seaway

7-Geodynamic Models for the Cenozoic evolution of the Wester Margin

8-Cenozoic plate tectonic evolution of the Western Margin

9-Evolution of the Eastern Margin post Grenville to modern times

10-The Grenville Orogeny and crustal Growth in NA

11-Quaternary & Miocene Volcanism in the SW USA

12-Evolution of the Basin and Range Province

13-Pull Apart Basins

14-The Mogollon Highlands

15-The Sierra Nevada

16-Metamorphic Core Complexes