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Congratulations to MSc Student Alister Cunje on his paper published by Elsevier in their Icarus jounal

MSc candidate Alister Cunje has had a paper published by Elsevier in Icarus, a journal devoted to the publication of contributions in the field of Solar System studies.  Alister’s paper is based on his fourth year research project in the Planetary Science specialist program with Professor Becky Ghent.

The paper examines the complex arrangement of several classes of landforms found in Mercury’s 1640 km diameter Caloris basin, and describes a new history of deformation through analysis of the landforms and previous hypotheses about the basin’s development.

Highlights listed by the authors on the website (see link below)  about the paper are:

• We identify and map three classes of tectonic landforms in Mercury’s Caloris basin.
• We analyze their distributions, cross-cutting relations, and orientations.
• We onstruct a strain profile of the basin with estimated measurements.
• We document a continuous history of deformation for the basin.
• We relate our results to ideas about the basin’s development.

You can read the paper at the following link http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1SO8v4L-YETGc