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Professor Miriam Diamond’s Toronto Star interview discussing results of her latest co-authored paper is published in Environmental Science & Technology Letters

McLean’s features Barbara Sherwood Lollar and SIL team’s work

In Memoriam: Emeritus Professor J. Jeff Fawcett 1936 – 2021

J. Jeffrey Fawcett
1936 – 2021

It is with great sadness we announce that Jeff Fawcett, Emeritus Professor, and former Chair of Geology, passed away on Friday March 12, 2021, after a courageous battle with cancer.

Jeff received his PhD (Petrology) at Manchester University. He joined the Department of Geology at University of Toronto in 1964 with research interests in metamorphism and flood basalts. He held several administrative appointments at U of T including Associate Dean (physical sciences and engineering) at the School of Graduate Studies, Associate Dean (sciences) at Erindale College, Vice-Principal (academic) at Erindale College, Associate Chair and Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Geology, and Chair of the Department of Geology from 1995 until 2001.

Along with his academic and administrative work, Jeff was a leader in the department’s alumni engagement and advancement efforts taking an active role on committees responsible for fundraising. Among his legacies is his work in establishing the endowed faculty chairs in the department, creation of a number of Explorer’s Fund graduate and undergraduate scholarships, and the grand 150thcelebration he organized in 1998 for alumni and friends of the Department of Geology. In 2011 he was recognized for his efforts with an Arbor Award.

Always a kind and gracious person, Jeff will be missed by all who knew him. Due to pandemic restrictions a memorial service celebrating Jeff’s life will be held later in the year, once it is safe to do so.

Select this link to read Jeff’s obituary printed in the Globe and Mail 

If desired, donations in Jeff’s memory can be made to  The Graduate Explorers Fund

To post a tribute to Jeff please send your message to alumni.newsletter@es.utoronto.ca

It was with great sadness that I heard of the passing of Dr Fawcett. Dr. Fawcett was always a keen supporter of young geoscientists at the Department of Geology and promoted their successes in his roles and Chair and Professor. Jeff encouraged many students to consider a career in research and was one of several professors at U of T that convinced me to enter academia in the geosciences as a career path. After graduation from U of T with my third degree (B.App.Sci 9T9; M.Sc. 0T1; Ph.D. 0T6) Jeff always kept in touch, asking for updates about what we were working on and showcased many of our successes in the Department newsletter. I was glad to have known Jeff and benefited greatly from his mentorship and support. Condolences to Jeff’s family and to the Department.

Dr. Jacob Hanley (Professor, Saint Mary’s University, Department of Geology)

I was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Professor Jeff Fawcett. Jeff was Vice Principal at Erindale College when I worked as a PDF in Ian Campbell’s INAA lab between Dec 1982 and July 1984. Ian was on study leave in Canberra at the time and Jeff helped me settle in. We saw each other often at scientific conferences over the years and I will miss his friendly smile and insightful discussions about science and academia. His passing is a loss for all of us, but he left a lasting impact that will never be erased. Please accept my deepest condolences. 

Prof Michael Lesher, Laurentian University, Sudbury.

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Jeff’s passing.  When Janet and I entered the U of T Geology program in 1967 Jeff was part of the establishment, one of the faculty pantheon, and the fact he was less than 10 years out of his PhD and only four years at U of T Geology and was therefore rather new was rather lost on us.  His standard answer when students were trying to figure out some problem at field camp was “Well what do you think?” was iconic. No easy ways out provided – we had to think things through in a way that could then be assessed and critiqued.  Although neither Janet nor I specialized in Jeff’s field of petrology, his involvement in departmental affairs and alumni events meant we got to know and keep in touch with him long after graduation.  Later we found ourselves in the same dog obedience class with him and came to appreciate more of his non-academic side and came to consider him a friend too.  And at the 2019 lunch that he organized honouring the return of Udayan Dasgupta for a department visit, I learned of his passion for antique clocks and got several tips from him on resources for some of our household clocks too.  It is hard to figure out a world in which so many people who seems to b “fixed stars”, who have always just been there, have moved on and are no longer with us.  All we can do is cherish the memories and learnings and shared times and carry on, but he will be missed all the same.  Sending all best wishes for strength and the future to all of Jeff’s family.

Dennis Waddington, BSc (1970), MSc (1973)

photo of Jeff in the High Pressure Lab 1964

Jeff in the High Pressure Lab, 1964

photo of Jeff in the field 1965

Jeff in the field, 1965

photo of Jeff Fawcett in his office in 2000

Professor J. Jeffrey Fawcett in 2000

photo of Jeff at his retirement

Jeff at his retirement, with his official portrait in the background, 2002















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Anthony (Tony) Naldrett, University Professor Emeritus, has passed away at age 86


Esteemed Emeritus University Professor Anthony J. (Tony) Naldrett passed away on June 21, in England.  

Tony joined the faculty at the Department of Geology in 1967 as an Assistant Professor conducting research on nickel deposits. He was appointed full Professor in 1972 and the prestigious position of University Professor at University of Toronto in 1984. He was a world renowned scientist with an incredible legacy of scientific discovery and the training of other scientists.

Read a tribute from Emeritus Professor Ed Spooner on behalf of the Department of Earth Sciences here:


The endowed Emeritus University Professor A.J. (Tony) Naldrett Graduate Scholarship was created in his honour to support deserving graduate students in their doctoral research.  Memorial donations can be made on our “Giving” page.

Tributes and memories can be sent to alumni.newsletter@es.utoronto.ca and will be published here.


In Memory of Emeritus Professor Steven D. Scott



STEVE SCOTT (1941 – 2019)     

It is with exceptional sadness that the Department has to report that Steve passed away surrounded by family, peacefully and without pain on the morning of June 11th.

Steve will forever be remembered for his passionate commitments to science, students, teaching, collaborators, colleagues and family. He will always be remembered for the exceptional research of himself and his research group on seafloor “black smokers”, and their sulphide products, on on-land volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits and in the field of experimental geochemistry. He gave and supported, financially and scientifically, truly incredible research opportunities for at least 13 postdoctoral fellows, 24 Ph.D. students, 20 Master’s students and 26 Bachelor’s students. Thus he helped 83 people and more.

The quality of the research published (e.g. >318 refereed journal and conference publications) and the hard working quality of his students, post-docs and research associates brought great profile to the Department of Geology/Earth Sciences and to the University of Toronto. Steve was also a passionate and greatly respected Canadian, as his many honours show.

The Department extends its heartfelt condolences to Joan, Donald, Susan and his wider family; all his students, collaborators, friends and colleagues from around the world; and everyone who knew him. He was very special.

There will be a celebration of Steve’s life at the University of Toronto Faculty Club, #41 Willcocks Street on Saturday, September 14th. from 3:00 p.m.

Ed Spooner

If so desired, donations made to either the Sunnybrook Hospital Foundation or the Graduate Student Scholarship/Bursary Fund in Honour of Emeritus Professor Steven D. Scott and Joan Scott at the University of Toronto, Department of Earth Sciences would be greatly appreciated.





Celebrating Canada’s women in science, past, present and future.

Undergraduate Thesis Presentations are April 6 & 7 in the Seminar Room ES2093

Come to the see the presentations from Earth Sciences undergraduate students involved in research thesis projects!

Presentations start at 10:00am on Thursday April 6th and Friday April 7th.

Department of Earth Sciences

Undergraduate Thesis Presentations 2017

(Seminar Room ES 2093)


Thursday, April 6

10:00  Holly Easton: Database of Carbon Accumulation for Mangrove Forests (Cowling)

10:20  Sophia Zamaria: Evaluating the role of groundwater and subsurface hydrological processes in reconstructing the “Green Sahara” (Cowling)

10:40 William McNeice: Determining Fault Controls on Intrusion Complexes to Analyze the Distribution of Porphyry Deposits in Central British Columbia (Milkereit)

11:00  Leon Ang Li: Gravity exploration of the Deep River field site (Bank)     

11:20  Sam Edwards: Seasonal Geophysical Variations at a Police Forensic Site (Bank)

11:40  Yining Wang: Pd deportment in the No-see-um zone of the Lac des Iles Complex, Ontario (Mungall)

12:00  Christian Tal Udovicic: Dating the lunar surface remotely: insights from Optical Material and Rock Abundance (Ghent)


Friday, April 7


10:00  Garnet Lollar: MPN Investigations of Microbial Metabolisms in Ancient Fracture Fluids (Sherwood Lollar)

10:20  Evelyn Moorhouse: Fault growth and Fold segment linkage along the Janauri and Chandigarh anticlines, Northwestern India (Schoenbohm)

10:40  Fei Wen (Trix) Yap: Molybdenum Partitioning between Silicate Melt and Magmatic Volatiles (Zajacz)

11:00  Xueya (Elaine) Lu: The partitioning of Sulphur between iron-free silica melts and volatile in crustal magmatic system at various pressure gradients (Zajacz)

11:20  Christian Veglio: Petrology of Garnet Peridotite Xenoliths from Kimberlite in Eastern Kentucky (Schulze

11:40 Richard Chow: Age and Petrology of Possible Grenville-Age Crustal Xenoliths from Kimberlite in Eastern Kentucky (Schulze)

12:00  Lunch Break

1:40    Danielle Shirriff: An analysis of the hydrothermal alteration zones in the Silver Hills of Montserrat (Spooner)

2:00    Julia Field: The investigation of free oxygen in rubidium silicate glasses using Raman spectroscopy (Henderson)

2:20    Tsz Kai Jeffrey Chan: Mercury Concentrations Across the Ocean Anoxic Event 2 (Bergquist)

2:40    Mengxi (Tracy) Wang: Atmospheric Hg Isotopes in Emissions from Mt. Kilauea, Hawaii (Bergquist)



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