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ESS381H1F – Special Topics in Earth Science


Faculty of Arts and Science
University of Toronto


 Course Number and Title:  ESS381H1F – Special Topics in Earth Science

Course description: Topics include: development and integration of geophysical and hydrogeological methods for soil and aquifer characterization; use of Modflow, MT3D/MS and PEST for flow and transport modeling and parameter estimation, quasi-linear geostatistical approach for inversion; and field implementation of direct push and direct sensing methods (e.g. Membrane Interphase probing [MIP], Laser Induced Fluorescence, E-C and hydraulic profiling, multilevel soil, soil gas and groundwater probing) for contaminated site management and geotechnical projects in Europe. Prerequisite: minimum of 1.0 credits in ESS at the 200+level; Distribution Requirement Status: This is a Science course; Breadth Requirement: The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5).

Estimated course enrolment: 24                           

Estimated TA support:  none               

Schedule:  Lectures: Thursday 9-11 am; September 6 to December 6, 2018; Tutorial/Lab times TBA; final exam (if applicable) scheduled during December 8-21, 2018

Sessional dates:  September 1 to December 31, 2018

Please note:  This position includes the completion of any course work and grading not completed by April 30, 2018.

Rate of pay:  Sessional Lecturer I – $8,160.; Sessional Lecturer I Long Term – $8,364; Sessional Lecturer II – $8,568; Sessional Lecturer III $8,772 (including vacation pay)

Please note that should rates stipulated in the collective agreement vary from rates stated in this posting, the rates stated in the collective agreement shall prevail.

Qualifications:  A Ph.D. degree in geology or a closely related field is required (in exceptional cases a M.Sc. may be accepted); academic (post-doc) and industry experience; experience with hydraulic and tracer tomography for high resolution aquifer characterization; experience with applied hydrogeological methods including Direct Push methods e.g. pumping, slug, tracer, injection logging, hydraulic profiling, etc, for aquifer hydraulic parameters estimation; experience with seismic, EM, GPR, magnetic, resistivity and other borehole geophysical methods for hydrogeological and archeological sites characterization. Experience teaching geosciences at the university level will be preferred.

Description of duties:   The lecturer will be responsible for effectively delivering the course with all of the attendant organizational issues of lecture and tutorial preparation and delivery, supervising of teaching assistants, (if applicable), setting, supervision and marking of exams, final course marks, course evaluations and so forth.

To apply for this position, please send a cover letter, the CUPE 3902 Unit 3 application form http://forms.hrandequity.utoronto.ca/#recruitment

Russell Pysklywec, Chair
Department of Earth Sciences
22 Russell St, Toronto , Ontario M5S 3B1
e-mail: spapaleo@es.utoronto.ca

If sending by e-mail, please send as an attachment.

Posting date: May 1, 2018

Closing date : May 23, 2018

Please note:  Undergraduate or graduate students and postdoctoral fellows of the University of Toronto are covered by the CUPE 3902 Unit 1 collective agreement rather than the Unit 3 collective agreement, and should not apply for positions posted under the Unit 3 collective agreement.

Preference in hiring will be given to qualified individuals advanced to the rank of Sessional Lecturer II or Sessional Lecturer III in accordance with Article 14:12.

This job is posted in accordance with the CUPE 3902 Unit 3 Collective Agreement.