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Health and Safety Information


University of Toronto Environmental Health and Safety website

Earth Sciences Safety Procedures Manual 2017-18 (PDF)


Earth Sciences Health and Safety Committee Members for 2020-2021

  Office    Tel#   email
Colin Bray (co-chair, workers)   3104   416-978-6516   cjbray@es.utoronto.ca
 Mike Gorton (co-chair, management)   3118   416-946-5309   gorton@es.utoronto.ca
 Jorg Bollmann (management)           bollmann@es.utoronto.ca
Mike Hamilton (management)           mahamilton@es.utoronto.ca
Hong Li (worker)   4096   416-978-0369   hongli@es.utoronto.ca
Yanan Liu (worker)           liu@es.utoronto.ca
Graduate Student TBA            


First Aid trained personnel in the Department of Earth Sciences.

  Office   Telephone#   Station   Expiry
Hong Li   4096   416-978-0369   3rd Floor, Rm 3119   Apr. 2019
Yanan Liu   3114   416-978-5420   3rd st Floor, Rm 3119   Training May 2017
Scott Moore   1066D   416-978-1240   1st Floor, Rm 1066   Training May 2017
Karyn Gorra   2123   416-978-2060   1st Floor, Rm 1066   Feb. 2019
Bohdan Podstawskyj   B157   416-978-3232   Basement, Rm B160   Training Feb 2017
Mike Hamilton   B160   416-946-7424   Basement, Rm B160   Jun. 2017