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ES group photo 2013The Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Toronto has a venerable 165 year tradition of research and education in the geosciences.  Rankings place U of T  at the very top  in the geosciences in Canada and among the very best institutions globally.  The Department of Earth Sciences is internationally regarded for research in fundamental geoscience, having given rise to major advances in ore deposits geology, geophysics, Precambrian geology, marine geology, Quaternary geology and sedimentary basin analysis.  

In 2012 the Department evolved to Earth Sciences from the Department of Geology.   Since 1848 it has operated under such names as Mineralogy and Geology, Geology and Paleontology, Geological Sciences–changing as the nature of research and education in the department have evolved.  The core geology strength of the department was bolstered by the addition of geophysics and other geoscience-related expertise to the consolidated new department.

Counted among the departmental alumni are many leaders in academia, government, and industry.  Current education in Earth Sciences at U of T continues this tradition of excellence with a focused emphasis on research training and field experience as a keystone of its comprehensive student programs in fundamental geology and geophysics.