Experimental Geochemistry


A Ph.D. student position in the field of experimental petrology and geochemistry is available. The primary goal of the project is to construct a quantitative model for sulfur partitioning between silicate melts and magmatic volatiles and improve our understanding of the effect of sulfur on the partitioning of ore metals between silicate melts and the exsolving magmatic volatile phase. The project involves high pressure-temperature experiments in rapid-quench cold-seal pressure vessel apparatus, Laser Ablation ICP-MS and electron microprobe analysis of run products, as well as in situ high P-T molecular spectroscopic investigations. Furthermore, the candidate will need to develop skills in thermodynamic modeling.

In addition, various field and lab-based projects within the broad field of magma evolution and magmatic-hydrothermal ore formation are available for M.Sc. thesis research.

For further information, please contact: Zoltan Zajacz (zajacz@es.utoronto.ca)


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